Monday, November 19, 2007

The Blue Block

We're in St. George for the holidays. We were going to drive down while Caleb was sleeping, but didn't get around to it Friday night, since we had way too much to do. Then we were going to leave Saturday morning, but didn't. Finally, around two in the afternoon, we managed to get out of the house.

At the gas station, I handed Caleb his blue block. He held onto it for the entire ride. He held it while he was sleeping, while he was nursing, while I changed his diaper. He didn't let go of it until we got to St. George and his nana gave him a hug and knocked it out of his little hand.

Even funnier, Sunday we gave him his blue block and an identical one that's not blue. He loves to have both so he can bang them together. He even tried sticking them both in his mouth at the same time. Then Brandon got out Caleb's little giraffe and the baby just didn't know what to do. He wanted to have all three toys, but wouldn't let go of the first two. He managed to still take the giraffe from Brandon and work it to his mouth. With a block in each hand, and his giraffe in his mouth, he was beyond happy.


Barbour said...

Have you checked the lead conttent? Freaky about all the recalls.

kristymccray said...

now that's a picture i'd like to see--caleb with a block in each hand and a giraffe in his mouth! :)

Jill said...

Where did you get the blocks? I've been looking all over for the old fashioned kind of set that the 'blue block' comes in... any ideas?

karen & co. said...

We got them at Ikea. In a little box with wheels and a rope so you can pull the whole thing around.