Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Eight Months

Caleb's eight months old today. He decided to celebrate his special day by waking up early with a cold. Too much swapping spit (or slobber) with his cousins this past weekend.

He's starting to learn to wave bye bye. Sara can do it. So of course, Caleb wants to do it too. When Samuel and his family left St. George yesterday, Sara was waving goodbye and Nana was waving back at her. I waved Caleb's arm, then he decided to do it himself. He did it again for Nana after his cousins left. Then again last night, we went to dinner with some of my mom's friends, and when we left, he waved goodbye to them. And today, when my mom and I were going out without him and Brandon, he waved to us. Well, he moves his arm up and down and we all get excited. I think it counts as waving.

This morning, he was sitting in his chair for breakfast, and he placed his hand on my knee. He left it there the whole time I fed him. It was so cute. He's never done it before. I don't know if it was just that I was sitting closer to him than normal, or if it's just because he's feeling under the weather. But either way, I thought it was so adorable.

Another great trick he's learned from Sara (or maybe it was Holly's influence) is to feed himself real food. I think we'd just never tried before because we don't usually eat when he's awake. So while my family was all in St. George, Caleb followed Sara's lead and started eating all the food we put on his tray. He's getting so good at it. Turns out, Holly's a much better influence on my child than I am on hers. (I used my evil aunt skills to try and get Sara to walk. He he he.)


Nora's world said...

The cousins aren't sick. Not our fault.