Saturday, November 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Addyson!

Today we went to a birthday party for my cousin's daughter, Addyson. She turns one tomorrow.

Caleb was really good at the party, even though he wasn't the center of attention. He didn't mind at all when Addyson got to open all her presents and he got none. He just sat happily in my lap playing with the same toys he always plays with.

He didn't even mind (at least not too much) when the other kids tried to play with him and his toys while Mommy ate her lunch. The other babies were all really nice to him and didn't hit him or poke him or steal things out of his hands. I think he had a few flashbacks to visiting Sara, so he was a tad apprehensive about the whole situation.

The only time he got a little cranky was when Addyson got to eat her birthday cake. I don't think he cared that she was having fun and he wasn't. Or even that she got to eat cake and he didn't. I think it was all the people standing around watching, making so much noise. He's not a big fan of people making loud noises.

We took down a few pointers for when Caleb turns one. I've been planning his birthday party for months now. But still, we've got a long time to go.

In the meantime, happy birthday Addyson!


Mama said...

What? You didn't post the picture of her face-plant into the cake?

Karen & Co. said...

My camera battery died before she did her face plant. And I couldn't get your pictures to open on our Mac.

Jonathan said...

Awesome blog Karen! I really liked the pictures of Addyson on there, thanks so much for coming and her cute outfit! She wore it the day after, I love the jacket.