Tuesday, November 27, 2007

He's Crawling!!

Caleb is officially a crawler. I guess, he's been an official crawler since Thanksgiving, but I was asleep when he made his debut. He's still really slow, since he's been sick for a week now and doesn't really enjoy too much floor time.

We're in Mesa, Arizona right now. We're staying with Brandon's best friend from high school. The majority of their apartment is tiled, so Caleb hasn't been able to practice his crawling skills too much. We're sleeping on an air mattress, so during the day we let Caleb crawl around on that. That way if he gives up, he won't bonk his head on the tile. Although it does mean that we have to keep our eye on him so that he doesn't fall off the edge of the air mattress and still end up whacking his head on the tile.

So far, having a crawler isn't too bad. I'd been looking forward to it for so long, and everyone kept telling me that I'd regret it once it happens. He still doesn't get too far away. I'm going to have to clean our house once we get home, but I actually like having a clean house (I just don't like cleaning it), so maybe this will finally be the kick I need to become a cleaner person.


Patti/Mama/Nana said...

Good luck on the cleaning thing. It took me until my kids were uh...well, basically out of the house before I could keep it clean. I agree though, I'd much rather be in a clean house than not.