Sunday, November 4, 2007

Daylight Spending

Last night, Brandon was up late building a computer. I went to bed without him since I was plum exhausted. He came up to bed around 3 a.m. really confused. All the clocks in our house said that it was 3 a.m. but his cell phone said it was only 2:00. In my half-sleep state, I mumbled something about daylight savings ending, but didn't know if that was what was wrong. So he searched the internet and found out that was indeed the case (to which I wonder how people without the internet are supposed to know these things, since it's wrong on our calendar).

Anyway, I've decided I'm quite the fan of daylight savings having ended and wish that it had happened at it's normally scheduled time. Why? Because our baby now goes to bed an hour earlier. It's quite nice.

We'd been struggling to figure out when to get our baby to bed and usually the earliest we managed to make it was 8. But it's just barely after eight right now and he's been asleep for quite a while.

The plus side of this is that now we can enjoy watching our nightly television shows without worrying about the baby watching them too. Although, we're borrowing my brother's tivo until he moves out of my dad's house and asks for it back, and Brandon finally got it to work yesterday. So either way, we're pretty much covered on the tv thing. Before Caleb was born, I said I wasn't going to let him watch tv till he turned 2. That never worked out since he watches it when we watch it and I just couldn't give it up. (I did try though.) But now we can go back to that rule and just pretend the last 7 months of tv watching didn't happen.

I know that tomorrow morning I'll be wishing the clocks didn't change because my baby will be getting up an hour "earlier," but hopefully it won't be too bad.


Nora's world said...

After dealing w/ 6 daylight savings time "events" w/ kids, and LOVING this one as a teenager, I hate it as a mom. The kids were asleep by 7:30 tonight, an hour earlier. But I fully expect them to be awake by 6:30 in the morning (as they were this morning) instead of 7:30. I am NOT a big fan of DST, one reason we are always thinking about moving to AZ around this time of year.

Mama said...

It's hard on us old-folks too. Seems I can barely stay awake past 8pm! And then we wake up at 5AM. Ugh.

Barbour said...

Well now you see why we put our kids to bed at 7pm. Sanity hour. We did fine with daylight savings. My sister babysat them on sat while we went to a church musical. She kept them up till 8:45 and they woke up at 7:30. It was really nice.