Sunday, November 11, 2007

Nose Dive

I tried taking pictures of Caleb sitting in the armchair, but he was not at all cooperative. At first, I thought it was because I had taken away his burp cloth (which is his all time favorite "toy") and he kept trying to find it on the floor. Finally I gave up and handed him his burp cloth. But even then, he kept wanting to peer over the edge of the chair. So much so, that he took a dive right off the edge.

Head first. Falling to the floor. I was only sitting a foot or two away from him, so I easily caught him before he hit the ground. But still. It could have been a very bad day for us.

He's just so active these days. He still hasn't figured out the crawling thing. Today I was trying to teach him, mostly so he can have a fighting chance against Sara in another week, but also because he gets so frustrated that he can't do it. He can get where he wants to be but not as quickly as he wants. He can sort of scoot. He can crawl backwards. He can roll like a champion. But no crawling. I know I'll likely regret it once he can actually do it since then we might have to clean our house more than once a week, but right now I'm really eager for him to learn.

(Okay. In full honesty, we only actually clean our house when people are coming over. So, once Caleb learns to crawl, people better start visiting us all the time so that we keep things picked up.)


Mama said...

The best I could offer would be visiting once a week, but that would commit me to every Friday and you might get sick of seeing me that often. We'll have to have a sign-up sheet go around for others to pick up some of the visiting slack.

sjr said...

You'd better just get him a helmet; Sara is about to become a walker. That gives her the added advantage of gravity when she pounces on him. Last week at church, she grabbed the hair of the boy sitting behind her and slammed his face into the chair. Caleb is toast.