Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Caleb's had a great time playing with his cousins while we've been in St. George. He's been really patient with them, and they've been rather gentle with him. He likes to watch them play and see all the fun things they can do that he can't do yet. And we like it too because then he is a lot happier and doesn't need us to entertain him.

As you already know, I absolutely love taking pictures of my baby. But I also love to get pictures of all the cousins together. Sometimes it's quite the challenge, getting them to sit close enough together that the composition of the picture looks good, but not too close that they beat up on each other (or rather, they don't beat up on Caleb).

I swear Nora was giving Caleb kisses, not trying to eat him. See, look at the next one.