Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More on Eating

We bought Caleb this mesh feeder thing so that he can eat more stuff without the risk of choking on it. Here he is eating grapes. I've also fed him grapes by first peeling them, then breaking them down into tiny pieces so he can easily eat them. The mesh bag thing works way easier. Simply cut them in half and drop them in the bag. Caleb loves them. At first, he was really confused about what I was trying to stick in his mouth. But he quickly figured it out and went to town.

He's getting a lot better at feeding himself. Granted, the only thing we really give him to eat are those Gerber finger foods that dissolve in your mouth. He used to just grab my hand when I offered it to him and feed himself by controlling my hand. Whenever I put them on his feeding tray, he'd have a real hard time getting anything into his mouth. Today, however, he fed himself like a pro. He's starting to master the pincer grasp, although he's much better with his left hand than with his right. Brandon wonders if maybe he'll be left handed, but I think it's too early to tell. Caleb uses both hands when playing, switching back and forth between the two constantly.


Anonymous said...

Ryan eats with both his hands still. He even uses a fork with both hands, but is better with his left - I think cuz he uses it more. He plays with both. We wonder if he'll be a righty, lefty or ambidexterous!

Patti/Mama/Nana said...

I vote go for the right hand, Caleb! Being left-handed is a royal pain! Love, Nana