Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An Apple a Day

The day we bought our Christmas tree, we also bought a box full of apples. They're "seconds" which (I think) means they are smaller, and sometimes bruised. The lady working there told us that they weren't the best apples for eating but would make really good pies and applesauce.

Caleb disagreed with her. In fact, just to prove that she was wrong, he snagged an apple out of one of the boxes on display and started chowing down.

The first day we had the box, it was left out on the table. Every time Caleb felt like having a bite of apple, he'd climb up on a chair and reach into the box for a new apple. We ended up with several apples with only one or two bites taken out of them.

Since that day, he asks for apples constantly. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. It's the only thing he asks for anymore besides a cup of water. (We still do feed him other food though.) The small size is perfect for his little hands, and also means he wastes less apples, since he can usually finish a whole apple before getting bored with it and leaving it abandoned somewhere. (The same cannot be said for bananas in our house.)

I've made two pies, but no applesauce. I have, however, started adding apples to all kinds of random things. We've had apple quesadillas, apples and chicken, apple stuffing and even apple mashed potatoes. All of which has been delicious. In fact, I'm thinking maybe we should buy another box soon.


Barbour said...

apples to a ham and cheese sandwich