Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Surprise

This year, I asked Brandon for one thing for Christmas and told him that's all I wanted (to better ensure that I get it for Christmas). I've been telling him for months that this is the one thing I want. Which really doesn't leave him with much room to do anything else but get me that one present. So he's been coming up with things he can do for me all month to surprise me for Christmas.

One of those surprises was that he bought lights for the outside of our house. I love Christmas lights, but we've never been able to put them up outside because we don't have a plug outside. Well, Brandon fixed that too. And now we have lights!

Caleb was fascinated by the whole process and was not content to watch through the window with Mommy. He loves to help his daddy do manly things.

It was seriously the best surprise. I love our lights and love being able to look out our window and see them. Caleb loves it too and always requests that I open the blinds so he can see the lights.