Saturday, December 13, 2008

Skipping Santa

Last week, we went out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory (my favorite restaurant) with the Crowleys. Afterward, we walked through the mall, knowing that Santa was at the opposite end.

I really had no intentions of taking a picture of Caleb with Santa. He's shy. Especially around strangers. There's no doubt in my mind that he'll scream if I try to get him to sit on Santa's lap. So why bother with it? Especially when the Santa at the mall costs $20 for a photo (and that's for the absolute cheapest package).

Instead, we let the kids play around the gated off area. It was cute to see them trying to break in.

I'm sure if they could have seen Santa from where we were, they wouldn't have wanted in anymore.

...And later that same night...

We went to watch Cory play soccer. Naomi had a little pink soccer ball to play with, so of course, Caleb had to have a ball too (though he'd have been fine just stealing hers). The only thing we had in the car was a plush baseball, so we let him kick that around the soccer field a little.

Caleb had so much fun cheering at the game and would yell anything I yelled first. And at one point, everyone around us quit watching the game in order to watch Caleb chase Naomi and then hug her and tackle her to the ground. Repeatedly.


Barbour said...

He must have learned that from my boys