Thursday, December 4, 2008

Visitor's Center Trees

While in St. George last week, we made a stop at the vistor's center at the temple with the sole intention of taking Christmas photos. In fact, the outfit Caleb is wearing I had bought that very day so he could have a Christmas outfit (expect to see much more of it this month).

Caleb wasn't in a posing mood. That translated into every single photo, he's either holding his cup of Cheerios, or he's holding Nana's phone. Fortunately, they didn't show up in every picture.

Lately, I've been feeling like I don't want to bother with Christmas cards this year. Or at least, not with making a photo Christmas card. But if I did, it'd likely have one of these pictures on it. So consider yourself carded, and Merry Christmas while you're at it.

With Love, the Collinwoods. (I wanted you to get the whole card effect. Just in case.)


Barbour said...

I feel jipped:)

Patti said...

I liked pix 6 and 8 the best. I'll pretend those are the ones on your card to me :)

Kristy said...

second to the last--that's my favorite. i love the little look on his face!