Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Living Room Projects

We've been remodeling our house. And by we, I of course mean Brandon. Though he's had lots of help from Caleb.

We've put in new windows in the whole house and new blinds upstairs. Brandon painted the living room and all the trim. We also painted our big room downstairs a couple weeks ago a nice beautiful yellow (that one I did help on).

Through this process we've learned that Mommy is not allowed to do "manly" things, like knock out a window. Caleb freaked out when I tried and screamed and yelled at me the whole time till I finally quit. Brandon finished up that same window and Caleb simply watched on in awe. That's okay, I don't mind sitting on the couch hugging my baby while Brandon does all the actual work.

Besides, who needs Mommy's help when you have Caleb to do the work for you?

Our living room/dining room now:

Next up: the fireplace.


Patti said...

Brandon is amazing. Your house looks totally awesome. I love the color of the paint, and the windows are spectacular. I bet you're loving your house a lot more now than when you first moved in!

Lesley Wright said...

I love the new look. Have you finished the kitchen? I know when I was there visiting that you were in the process of remodeling it. Gosh! That was a year ago.

Barbour said...

coming together nicely