Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving '08

This year (as is the case with most years), we went down to St. George for Thanksgiving.

I think this first picture sums up pretty well how we felt about that.

Just kidding. (Mostly.) Brandon really enjoyed spending time with his family, Caleb loved playing with all of Trevor's toys, and I had a grand ol' time shopping on Black Friday (though St. George was a little too calm for my taste and barely felt like Black Friday at all).

Caleb's favorite of Trevor's toys was this car. He loved riding in it and loved it even more when we would push him while he was in it.

For the great grand feast, Caleb ate all of two and a half rolls. So either the apple he had to tide him over till dinner was ready was extremely filling, or he shares his mother's dislike of instant mashed potatoes.

One thing I noticed about photographing Trevor is that nine months really makes a difference. This kid is so easy to pose and get a smile out of. What a cutie!

Caleb, on the other hand, when asked to do the same pose, can't be bothered to look at the camera. (No worries, the pie still tasted great even with all those extra fork stabbings.)

We got this turkey hat at the library when we went to storytime (in Provo before Thanksgiving). Caleb was not a fan of wearing it. Trevor gave me a cute smile and then politely asked if he could be done wearing it too. Silly boys.

Caleb's second favorite toy in the house: the keyboard!

It was so much fun to see these boys playing together. Up till now Caleb's been too little to really want anything to do with Trevor. And while he's still not quite ready to actually play with others (instead of just near them), he sure had a fun time with Trevor.

(And in case you noticed the two different shirts Caleb's wearing, no these aren't photos from two different days. Caleb's cheeks were so bright red that we borrowed one of Trevor's shirts to put him in so that he could try and cool down a little. Brandon thought it extremely fitting that the shirt said "mine!" on it.)


Virginia Collinwood said...

Seriously, these are some of the most adorable pictures ever!!! :)

You rock.

Patti said...

You don't have to have a posing smiling child for the picture to be cute. Caleb is cute even in the first picture where he's fussing! Perhaps I'm a little biased...

Kristy said...

i love you and caleb in the car!