Monday, December 22, 2008

Caleb Needs a Sibling

An older sibling, actually. Eight years old seems to be a good age. Though six and a half would work.

When Caleb was a little baby, I often thought he wasn't meant to be the oldest child. He was just so calm and laid back and didn't get upset when his older cousins beat up on him.

In a lot of ways, he's still like that. For example, when Naomi bites him, he doesn't cry, despite the fact that she leaves teeth marks. Lots of teeth marks. Sure, he has his toddler moments, but he's still a pretty chill kid. And he LOVES to play with older kids.

Last night, we went over to Brandon's sister's house, and Caleb absolutely loved playing with all his cousins. The two oldest girls were really sweet with him, and he just loved them. To the point that he didn't care where Mommy and Daddy were as long as his cousin McKinley was in sight.

When we first got there, he was his shy little self, needing one of us to be near. Then Becca, age six and a half, turned on the keyboard and microphone for him. She played with him for a moment, then got down from the bench and Caleb immediately insisted that she join him again. (That's Shelby, age five, hiding behind Becca.)

McKinley, who's eight, thought it was fun to pick Caleb up. She'd count to three, lifting him a little higher with each number. Caleb loved it! After several times of playing this game, he'd lift his legs up before she got to three, leaving her with a super heavy Caleb to try and lift. Somehow she managed it.

Caleb loved sitting in McKinley's lap. He'd pat the ground, telling her to sit down, then sit in her lap. Becca tried to get him to do it with her, but he wouldn't. Only McKinley.

Caleb found this hat (above) in the play room and wore it on and off all night. Which is odd because he doesn't like wearing hats. He'll wear his beanie now that it's cold, but still isn't a fan of hats. I guess that doesn't apply to construction hats though.

(Below) Playing with a balloon Becca gave him.

One of the reason Caleb loves older kids so much is that he can wrestle with them, but they're gentle with him at the same time. Sometimes when he tries to play the same way with kids his size, the other kids don't like it (since he can be a little rough). For example, when he tickles, it's not really tickling, but more like pinching (though not actually pinching). McKinley was really good with him and didn't mind the pinching/tickling since it didn't hurt her.

Here he is (below) helping Daddy to tickle McKinley's feet.

McKinley loved holding Caleb and Caleb loved being held by her. At one point, she was holding him cradled in her arms and kept dipping him down. He loved it and would arch his head back, wanting to be dipped again.

(Below) McKinley and Caleb playing a duet. Caleb likes to play and sing at the same time.

Before we left, McKinley played her violin for us. Caleb loved it so much that after she was done, he really wanted a turn playing the violin. At one point, he made a mad dash for it and Becca saved the violin from him just in the nick of time.

Caleb was so sad to leave. He totally cried, which is a sign of how much fun he had. The funniest part about it was that Brandon was holding a crying Caleb and put him down so that he could put his shoes on. McKinley held Caleb in her lap and he immediately stopped crying. Hopefully Caleb will get to play with his cousins again soon since he really loved them so very much.


Patti said...

I really think Caleb is going to have an interest in music. He looks like a rock star already!