Friday, December 12, 2008

Decorating the Tree

We decorated our tree last week, the same day that we bought it. Caleb was more interested in the apples we bought that day then he was in decorating the tree, but he still helped out.

The only constraint we put upon him was that he wasn't allowed to touch Mommy's favorite ornaments (i.e. the ones I didn't want broken), but that still left the majority of them for him to hang anywhere he wanted.

Well, where he wanted turned out to be all in the same exact spot.

Caleb got to help Daddy put the star on top of the tree, but since our tree is ginormous this year, Daddy had to finish the job himself.

After ward, I rehung all of Caleb's ornaments so they weren't just in one huge pile. They hang nicely around the bottom foot or two of the tree, leaving the more breakable ones toward the top. However, Caleb hasn't touched the tree since the night we decorated it. Nor has he gone near the presents. He does really like when we turn on the lights though.

Caleb's favorite Christmas decoration is a advent-like calendar that's a chimney and you take a piece of the chimney out every night and when Santa falls to the bottom it's Christmas. He loves pulling the pieces out and gets really frustrated when I tell him he can't pull out anymore until the next night. I try not to remind him about it, so that when one of us remembers again, he has more pieces to pull out, but he's really good at reminding me.

We also decorated a little (two or three foot) fake tree in Caleb's room. I let him decorate it any way he wanted. The ornaments are super tiny and therefore easy to hang, so on that tree, he spaced all the ornaments out really nicely.


Patti said...

I love the pile!