Friday, December 19, 2008

Jingle Bells Rap Attack

The first song Caleb learned to sing is "Jingle Bells." Sure, he knew a few words to "Once There Was a Snowman" and "Popcorn Popping," but "Jingle Bells" he learned in it's entirety.

The trick to getting him to sing a whole song? Wrapping paper rolls used as a microphone. Or maybe a megaphone.

That and we like to rap.

A duet with Daddy.

Did I saw microphone? I meant half microphone, half death sword.

Wait! Look at Mommy! There's my cute boy.

Enough smiles. Time to attack.

And when your sword breaks in half, it still works as a microphone.

Peace treaty.

Now it's time to rest...and maybe sing another verse.

(Pictures taken 12/17/08)