Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Haircut 2 1/2

If you've been paying close attention to the multitude of photos on the blog, you might have already noticed that Caleb got a second haircut. Although, it was a two part job.

Way back on 11/17, I cut the back and sides of his hair. Brandon had cut off all those baby whisps in the beginning of September, but by November it was getting long and unruly again. So I turned on Wow Wow Wubzy and got out a pair of scissors. Each time I'd stopped cutting to examine my work, Caleb would reach up and touch his hair and say "more." I think he just liked me running my fingers through his hair, as it's something he ALWAYS does when he's drinking his bottle.

I couldn't bear to cut the top that day.

Unfortunately, the hair on the back part of the top of his head likes to stick straight up into the air. Always. And with it as long as it was, I couldn't justify procrastinating any longer. So out came the scissors again on 11/22.

For the record, I didn't cry either time (unlike in September). However, I did leave the cut hair on the table and every time I walked by, I would pause to touch it. Eventually Brandon had to get rid of it for me, since I would have left it there forever.

I wanted to take pictures of Caleb's new style, but he was in an extra silly mood that night. We have a new game we play that started that night. Sometimes when I get the camera out, Caleb will come and stand right behind me so I can't take his picture. I then have to make a quick flip, giving myself enough space for my camera to try and focus again, and hurry and take the picture before he runs behind me again.

Sometimes I trap him in my legs and lean back as far as necessary to take a picture. Often times, Caleb will lay right on top of me, so I'll hold the camera out as far as I can reach and hope we end up in frame.

Here are a few pictures from that night that make me smile (and some that even show off the hair).


Patti said...

You did a great job on the haircut. Super cute photos of a super cute boy.

Lesley Wright said...

I am super impressed. You did a fantastic job on his hair cute.