Tuesday, February 26, 2008

11 Month Tricks

For anyone who's obsessed with our kid, you probably already know that he's eleven months now (and has been for several days). He has tons of new tricks, although most of them he learned on the cruise since it was such a different environment than our house.

For example, he can now open drawers. The drawers on the cruise were super easy, and he's transfered the skills to our coffee table. Bad thing since that's were we hide all the fun stuff, like kleenex. He absolutely loves to tear the tissues. He can do it with his hands, but prefers to rip it with his mouth. He then makes the worst sour face, sticking out his tongue and feeling for the ripped pieces loose in his mouth.

He also does this super cute hand thing. I wish I had a picture or video or something so I could show you how super cute it is. He does it whenever he wants something. He'll reach out for me (or whatever he wants) and open and close his fists in this "gimme" kind of motion. I just love it. No matter what he wants, I always give in. One night, on the cruise, he was sitting in his high chair and he wanted out and I told him no. Then he did the hand thing and I immediately melted and picked him up out of his chair. I'm such a sucker. I'm doomed when he becomes a teenager.

After we got back from the cruise, while we were at my mom's house, I taught Caleb a new trick. Well, I didn't teach him so much and just decided he was going to do it and then he did it. He climbed stairs! (I know, it was a hard guess after that picture.) He climbed about six before he quit and started fussing. After I got the camera out, I could only get him to climb two stairs. But still...the stairs at our house are treacherous, so Caleb never gets near them. But he became quite the climber on the cruise.

Hmm...can't think of any other tricks. Though I'm sure I'm forgetting a bajillion. He's a cute kid. Getting bigger every day. Super huge actually.


Virginia Collinwood said...

I love your baby!! What are your plans for his first birthday?

HHrrm...yes tricks... awesome.

You think you're screwed when he becomes a teenager? Try TWO!

Trevor has already been HIGHLY testing the waters. He is too freakin' smart for me sometimes. Brat.

I love you and miss you. I hope we can get...uh...together soon.


Patti said...

Yes, I am one of the people obsessed with your baby. I've seen the hand waving gimmie trick and it melts me too. But, Nana's melt easily.