Monday, February 11, 2008


Caleb's cousin Trevor came to stay with us for a day, along with Brandon's parents. I'm not really sure why they brought Trevor up with them (especially since Trevor's parents didn't get to come). They said something about wanting Trevor and Caleb to get to play together so they can be friends.

Yeah, Caleb doesn't do the friends thing very well.

He's getting better with Naomi, since he sees her a lot more than any other baby. My sister and her daughter Agnes are staying with my mom right now. Caleb and I were up there this weekend. Before they got there, Caleb played with all the toys and roamed happily around the playroom. After Agnes came, Caleb sat and watched her, fussing occasionally, and hardly touched a single toy.

He did a little better with Trevor today. But mostly, the boys didn't want anything to do with one another. Caleb did really like the legos box that Virginia sent up with Trevor's toys in it. Caleb liked taking the lid off and then putting it back on. He didn't actually want the toys inside. Just liked playing with the lid.

I tried to get a good picture of them together. Apparently, Trevor doesn't like the flash on the camera, and kept covering his eye. I think I got one picture without, but the one posted above is cuter.

I also go this cute picture of Trevor. Everyone says that he looks just like Nathan, but I think he is a splitting image of Virginia in this picture. There's just something about it that reminds me of her. Maybe it's the eyes.

While they were here, my mother in law commented several times that Caleb is almost as big as Trevor now (Trevor is nine months older). Caleb is still so little for his age, making Trevor actually quite a bit bigger still. But Brandon swears Caleb's grown a full inch since the last time he saw him (all of three days ago).


Virginia Collinwood said...

Ya, T is a total wuss now when it comes to the flash. It's kind of cute, but has ultimately made it challenging to get good pictures :). MIL told me he was good and "they played so well together". Hah. he went up without Nate because he had work, and I wanted a day off... it was wonderful. Though, I was so happy to see my son when he got home.

Love you.

PS- I hope that MIL never finds our blog sites, LOL.