Friday, February 29, 2008

One of the Girls

Caleb got to go to a bridal shower with me tonight. It was for my cousin Kristina. While both her dad and one of her brothers were upstairs, Caleb was the only guy that got to be at the party. Sadly, he didn't get that much attention.

It was kind of weird for me, being out with him, and not having everyone fawn all over him. Actually, it was really weird.

He behaved excellently. Crawled around some, but stayed out of the way and never ventured too far away from his mommy that I had to go fetch him before he got into trouble. He never even complained that I kept him up WAY past his bedtime because I was having too much fun to leave.

Such a good little boy.

I'm trying to teach him to be a boy though. When we left my mom's house earlier today to go shopping, he was holding my makeup brush. He loves my makeup brush. Every time I do my makeup (which is about once a week, but occasionally twice), he wants to come sit in my lap and play with the makeup too.

I figured his daddy wouldn't be too happy if I let him go shopping while holding a makeup brush the whole time, so I found his toy wrench and ruler and made a trade. He wasn't too excited about the trade, but didn't get a vote and traded anyway. I can't have his daddy blaming me if our baby turns out too girly. (Especially since Brandon's the one that's into art, while I'm the sports lover in our family.)


Patti said...

Of course Caleb was a good boy tonight. He's always a good boy! Grandma tried to fuss over him, but he didn't really want to allow it (that was when you were getting your dinner). Find the blue block, then Caleb won't have to hold your mascara or blush brush anymore. I had a nice day with you today!

Virginia Collinwood said...

Oh, I feel ya about the "too girly" thing. Trevor LOVES to wear my shoes. He doesn't have any interest in Nathan's and always goes for mine. He also loves my shirts.

Nathan laughed at me because I wouldn't let MIL play tea party with him but I am letting him wear my clothes.

Ya, so what...

Trevor wants to say hi...

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Barbour said...

Both boys love my lipstick. Teak got into yesterday and after many nos nad shutting the door, manage to sneak some away. Came out into the living room and it was all over the tv. I shut the bathroom door now but get heavy tantrums in protest of me shutting the lipstick away.

Fox Family said...

Levi's current favorite book is the "Little Mermaid" and a few weeks ago pink was his favorite color (much to Matt's dismay). Good job Karen, trying to make a man out of Caleb for the sake of his Daddy!!