Thursday, February 21, 2008

We're (Almost) Back

We're currently sitting in the airport. That's right. Not on a boat anymore. The trip was great and I have lots of stories to tell, but they'll probably have to wait until we're back in Utah. Although I do currently have time to kill...the baby's sleeping and we'll likely be waiting for our plane for a long, long time still...we'll see what I can get started.

I'm so excited to be going home. Is that weird? Yes, I enjoyed our vacation, but traveling with the baby is stressful (although he was an angel and everyone on the cruise oohed all over him the whole time). I'm excited for Caleb to have his own room again, to get back into a routine of when he eats and sleeps, and to not have to spend naptime in the dark. And even more than that, I'm excited for my body to finally stop swaying. (It hasn't stopped yet though, and we got off the boat six or seven hours ago.)

Anyway, just a teaser of a photo for you. More to come...eventually.


Barbour said...

I been starved of your blog for a whole week.

Fox Family said...

Welcome back, Karen! It will be nice to read your blog again! :-)

Virginia Collinwood said...

Welcome back. I am glad you had a good time...but I know what you mean about wanting to be home. I get the same way, and I know with a baby it's even worse. I am glad Caleb was good (hopefully they had a sitting service or something so you got some time to yourselves...). I am awaiting stories.