Friday, February 22, 2008

Jamaica mon

Looking through our cruise pictures, I realize that the majority of them are just of Caleb smiling in front of different backgrounds, and occasionally wearing different clothes. So, we'll skip all those for now and get to the fun off-the-boat pictures.

Our first port of call was in Jamaica. Sadly, as is the new rule of my life, I didn't take very many pictures. Caleb did really good though. People were in awe at how well behaved our baby is.

In Jamaica, we decided to climb the Dunns River Falls (I think that's the right name). It was a really easy climb and we had a tour guide and everything, so we strapped Caleb onto Brandon's chest and up we went. Our tour guide carried our camera for us so that it wouldn't get wet and took pictures of us every now and again.

The climb was really easy. There were a couple of tricky spots, but the guide is right there to help pull you up. And there are a million other people climbing the falls, so it's not like you go very fast. The water was a little bit cold, but for the most part, Caleb didn't get too wet and so he was happy.

By the time we got to the top, Caleb had fallen asleep. Such a cute baby. Although, strapped up in his wrap, people kept asking if he was okay because he kind of looked like he was strangling himself to death. But he was totally fine, of course.

After the falls, you have to walk through a little market to get back to the tour bus. There are so many people there trying to sell you stuff. No, not sell you stuff. They give it to you for free, but then ask for a donation (or tip, or for you to "take care of" them) -- hence, not at all free. We only got suckered in by one guy, and mostly because we felt bad for him.

From there, we went to the Taj Mahal to go shopping. Brandon was in absolute heaven because they are huge into bartering in Jamaica and that's one of his favorite things to do. At the time, it seemed like we were buying tons of stuff, but now that we are home, I realize how little we actually bought. Our favorite bargain purchase is this awesome chess set made out of some beautiful stones (sorry, I don't remember what it is actually made out of -- but it's gorgeous). We've been looking to buy a chess set for as long as we've been married, which is kind of silly since we'll probably play it maybe three times before we die. Oh well. It's beautiful and was a great price.

Let's see...what else about Jamaica...oh, the drivers there are INSANE. Never try and drive in Jamaica. I'm surprised we didn't die several times over while in that tour bus. Not that our guy was a bad driver, but that everyone there is a bad driver. Somehow it works for them, but...

Jamaica was great. I was disappointed that no one offered us any drugs. Isn't that an essential Jamaica experience? The downside of having a baby with you. ;)


Barbour said...

Okay, I'm going to say it because I still live in Socal. You guys need a tan. Utah has changed to the color of snow. It looks like it was wonderful weather. Caleb couldn't posibly get wet with how tall brandon is.

Virginia Collinwood said...

You baby is a lil chub now! How cute!

You make me chuckle. I love it...and I love you.

Brandon said...

The sad part is... we are tan compared to other Utah folks :)

kristymccray said...

It is called Dunn's River Falls. I climbed them once too, during a stop on a cruise. I loved it! I'm glad you guys had fun too. :)