Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Biting Begins

Caleb bit me for the first time tonight. Well, by first, I mean the first time since his tooth came in.

It started out as a kiss. Then he bit my lip. It hurt a great deal, but no blood at least. I like kisses. I don't like being bitten. (I know, how peculiar.)

Perhaps we waited too long to feed him dinner. Even though he wasn't fussing, he kept trying to eat my sweater. It's a pretty cute sweater, but I doubt the fuzz is any tastier than the other fuzz we keep around the house.


B'more Reads said...

He seems to have a fondness for fuzz...consider the car seat!

B'more Reads said...

oh, hey, that last comment and this correction are both from Nana, not B'more Reads, who are technically now C'bus Reads...
And, sorry you got bit.

Virginia Collinwood said...

Hehe, at least he hasn't bitten you. I stopped breast feeding before his teeth came in almost for that reason.

St. George isn't entirely that bad. It would cost more for the same size townhome in OR, AND I just start a dog training job for Petco and I want to build experience there before we take off anywhere. Plus, my new best friend is here, and I would die to leave her right now. Her Mom is in ICU and if she passes it's going to be a time for her that she is going to need her bestie.

Mostly, it's cheaper, and the sun shines more.