Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Growing Up

We're out of baby food (except for his rice cereal for breakfast) and haven't bothered to buy more since every day seems a bigger battle to try and get him to eat it. Which has actually turned into a greater challenge trying to find something that he will eat. He's good with bread; he loves cheese and bananas. Other than that, finding variety is tough.

But then, out of nowhere, he's eating big people food. Last week, I gave him some of my chicken tetrazinni and he ate it up. Noodles (which he never eats), chicken, even the mushrooms. He ate hamburger a day or two after that. Tonight, he ate minestrone soup (minus the liquid). He's doing so good eating. If only I was doing just as good cooking.

Tonight, Caleb and I had a lot of fun playing. He really likes to put things inside of things, or onto things, depending on what he has. Tonight, we were sitting on the floor together with his sippy cup. He was trying to put this circular block (with a hole in the middle) over the spout of the sippy cup. It didn't fit, so I gave him a teething duck with a hole in it that fit better. He kept putting it on the cup over and over. And when he didn't want to put it on the cup himself, he would hand it to me and I would put it on the cup. Ah, such fun.

His other fun game for the night was to put his block in my mouth, then stand up so he was the same height as I was sitting, and then put the other half of his block in his mouth. It's like the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti thing but with a little round block. Then we would both roar. He loved it.

He's so much fun and so super cute these days. Sometimes a pain, but still just the sweetest boy.


Barbour said...

Teak loves to pass us things with his mouth. It is like a slobbery kiss with someting in his mouth. They are so good at sharing some things. It is such a hrad lesson to teach that we share toys but not drinks and food from the mouth.