Monday, February 25, 2008

Grand Cayman

The second port we stopped at on our cruise was Grand Cayman. A ton of the other APX people decided to go swim with the sting rays, but because we had the baby, we opted for a different course of action. (The excursions paper said the minimum age was six, but after wards, we were told by some who went that they saw another baby there, so we could have gone after all. Oh well. We had fun doing our own thing.)

We went on a little submarine ride and saw lots of fishes, two different shipwrecks, a bunch of coral reefs, and a sting ray. Caleb thought it was all great, so of course he fell asleep by the time it was over.

The captain of the submarine stops over Cheeseburger Reef, jumps into the water and swims around the sub holding bread in his hand. All the fish swarm him. I'd be terrified if it was me swimming, but it was fun to watch.

After our submarine ride, we went to the turtle farm. It was so much fun to see all the turtles. They just have pools and pools of them. Caleb was still asleep when we got there, but woke up about halfway through, much to my picture taking delight.

They have turtles from incubation all the way to full grown. I guess compared to this big ol' guy, our little baby doesn't look so much like a turtle anymore. Except maybe the toothless look they've got going on. And Caleb likes to give us the evil eye sometimes. Looks very similar to this here turtle.

They let you hold some of the smaller turtles. I thought it was so cute to get a picture of Brandon holding two turtles. It wasn't so cute though when he tried to get me to hold one too. Instead, I quickly volunteered to hold our turtle (i.e. Caleb), instead of the slimy one from the tank.

Here, Brandon's holding the turtle up next to Caleb. For the most part, Caleb wasn't a fan.

I think Caleb's mommy is rubbing off on him too much. He's starting to love shopping! The prices in Grand Cayman were a lot cheaper than in Jamaica, but they don't barter. At one store, we saw this marble turtle with a seashell for its turtle shell, which we had bought in Jamaica, for the same price we'd bartered ours down to. Although that was fifteen dollars below the sticker price in Jamaica, at least its the same price we actually paid. So if you are ever shopping on those two islands, know that you have to way barter down prices in Jamaica for it to be worth buying anything there.


Patti said...

Cute pictures. Wish I'd been with you! By the way, I'm not opposed to adding more color to the guest room. I just haven't decided how to do it yet.

Mr Jo Bloggity said...

You continuous blogging is amazing! And so many pictures. I hope my parents don't read this, they'd totally be on my case to write more.

Also, totally jealous about the cruise!

Lindsey said...

Looks like you all had a BLAST!!! I can't believe Caleb isn't even a year old and he doing things I have never done (i.e. leaving the country, going on a cruise, go on a submarine, etc.) He even got a passport before I did, what a lucky kid!