Saturday, February 9, 2008

Scary Duck Head

Since I'm not supposed to be lifting things heavier than my baby and I have to do crazy maneuvers to even pick Caleb up, Caleb and I are staying with my mom for a couple days while Brandon is in California.

Last night, he mashed banana in his hair (which isn't unusual behavior), so he had to have a bath. We usually bathe him every night, just so he knows it's bedtime, but wasn't going to worry about it while at my mom's. The banana insisted, so Caleb got to have a bath in my mom's nice huge bathtub. He cried the whole time. It was a very short bath.

Today, we bought him this inflatable duck tub, thinking that if he had his own little tub, like he does at home, that maybe he'd be okay. Once we were home (well, my mom's home) again, I blew up the tub. Sitting in the middle of the living room, I put Caleb in the duck. Instant tears. In the middle of the living room, with no water in sight, and all his clothes still on.

I didn't let the tears deter me. After all, I'd expelled a lot of air getting that thing to fully inflate. So Caleb got his bath. Apparently, the bath part wasn't scary. It was the duck's head. If Caleb could see the back of the duck's head, he'd start to cry. If I covered it, with my legs, or with the washcloth like in the picture, he was just fine.

What a silly baby.