Thursday, March 20, 2008

Almost One

Today's the last day my baby gets to be a little baby. Tomorrow he's a one year old!

He's such a sweet little baby boy and so much fun to have around. I think I've posted just about every trick he can do the moment he does it, but maybe I should recap what he's been up to, in case you're not an avid reader of our blog.

He's been known to say (though not always with great consistency): Daddy, mama (though it's sometimes a rare thing to hear), banana, book, and bye-bye. He can also sign "all done" with amazing clarity, but tends to use it as more than just all done. Sometimes when he wants up, sometimes when he wants more, sometimes when he's just trying to beg off my plate. And yes, he's quite the beggar. But he eats better when he's begging (and by better I mean stuff that he normally refuses to eat, but will eat if he's eating it off my plate), so I let him.

His favorite food is grapes. He LOVES grapes. Next in line would be cheese. Then probably bananas. He also really likes minestrone soup, and it's a great way to get him to eat vegetables. He loves dried apricots and can munch on one little piece for hours (since they're hard to chew up when you don't have very many teeth).

He currently has two teeth. Last night I was up with him for most of the night, so number three might be making an appearance anytime now.

He isn't walking yet, but is a super speedy crawler and can stand for amazing amounts of time. Tuesday, he took two steps in a row, then just stopped. Didn't fall over or anything, just stopped. So I figure he can probably walk, but is still too scared. Maybe in another couple weeks.

Other than that, he's great at playing. He'll also follow us around the house as we get ready. He doesn't get into much trouble and is just a joy to have around. People say that when babies become mobile that you'd better watch out, but Caleb is just great. He doesn't get into cupboards or anything else he shouldn't. He's learned that pulling the toilet paper out is bad and doesn't do it anymore. He sleeps great at night (except for last night). Pretty much, he's just an angel child.

Sometimes we think we shouldn't have any more kids because there's no way they could be better than Caleb. We just love him so much.

Not a cute smiley picture, but look at those cute little teeth.

Here he is signing all done. I don't know why he doesn't like his picture being taken. It should be second nature by now. Maybe we'll have to try again later. After all, it's the last day that he's a baby. Got to get in a few more shots. We currently have only like 5500 pictures of his first year. That can't possibly be enough.