Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Egg Hunter

Happy Easter!

For the past couple weeks, I've wanted to take Caleb to an Easter egg hunt to get some cute pictures. We never got a chance considering the powers that be (aka those in charge of scheduling such hunts) like to make them during nap time. So today, it being Easter and all, we had our own little hunt in the backyard.

First, I put a coin (I was just going to do pennies, but didn't have many and ended up just doing all the coins in my wallet) in each egg, so they'd rattle. Then I masterfully hid them in our backyard. Some seriously good hiding. Only a master egg sleuth could discover them all. :)

Caleb thought it was fun. The ground was a little cold so we made him wear his new shoes, which he wasn't a fan of. But the eggs, he loved. He especially loved shaking them and didn't quite understand why he had to put them in the basket and then go get a new one.

Here are a few pictures of his great egg hunt. Isn't he so cute in his new little outfit? So grown up. I just love that little boy.

And look at how good he can stand now! Saturday he took eight steps in a row without falling or quiting. But he's refused to take any since then.

After the egg hunt, we came inside and got out Caleb's new piggy bank that he got for his birthday. He loved putting all the coins in the piggy bank one by one. Looks like I'm going to have start saving my pennies. Or rather, letting Caleb save them all.


Patti said...

Great pix Karen. Love the one where his little tongue is sticking out! I'm glad I got to watch the hunting of eggs which were so masterfully hidden. Also love your turtles on the blog page. Cute cute cute.

Fox Family said...

He looks so handsome Karen!!
I keep meaning to ask you...can we have a dinner party when you are out here??? I am excited to see you!...granted, I have to wait a month. :-(

Barbour said...

Oh he finally has a tie. I love when the boys where ties. He is such a toddler now. I guess you still don't have to deal with the first haircut drama yet.