Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Stats Update

Went to the doctor's today. Caleb's now in the fifteenth percentile for all three things: weight, height, and head. He has broken the 20 pound marker and a half ounce -- completely naked. So way to go little guy.

He also had to get some shots today. I hate shots. Caleb cried. I wanted to throw up, I hated it so much. I just hate being the cause of his sadness. It breaks my heart to see those tears fall down his precious little cheeks. I told Brandon afterwards that I'm never going again (to get Caleb's shots), which means that Brandon's on his own. Or our kid will just end up immunizationless.


Virginia Collinwood said...

:( love ya

Barbour said...

Yea, happy birthday to Caleb tomorrow. I bet you are super busy. LT's is a week and with Easter this weekend I am trying to make sure all my ducks are inline.