Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Day Playing

Two weeks ago, I took these pictures of Caleb just doing the things he loves to do. So here you have it, a typical day of fun for us.

I love that top picture. It's so easy to get him to smile at the camera (at least, until he decides to charge at me). And I love his one tooth grin. He now has a second tooth. It broke through on leap day and has come in enough now that you can actually see it. So we won't have many more one tooth pictures. But how I loved them.

For my niece Agnes' first birthday, we bought her this toy. She then came to visit us a month later for Caleb's blessing. One day, at the store, she saw this toy and wouldn't put it down, so my sister bought it for Caleb.

Caleb absolutely loves it now. We're trying to teach him to put the colors in the right order, but so far he's having more fun expressing himself artistically.

One of Caleb's favorite things to do is to pull books down off of shelves or tables. Here he is pulling books off the coffee table. We've since had to put the books away because he'd drop them on his feet and it'd hurt. But he still has plenty more books (that don't weigh as much) that he can pull off the bookshelf.

Here's the super cute smile he gave me after pulling off all the books.

Caleb also loves to pull tissues out of the box. He'll pull every last one out if you let him. (We don't normally let him play with tissues. But he loves it so much, that I figured we needed a couple pictures of it.)

Then he likes to rip them up. Sometimes he'll do it with his hands, but usually he prefers to use his mouth. Then he spits the pieces out into my hand.

We bought him this little table so he could practice standing up more. But his favorite thing to do, instead of playing with the toys on top, is to hide things in the little cubby. Yesterday, Brandon and Caleb were playing with a different toy and Caleb grabbed one of the toys and crawled over to his table and stuck it in the cubby for safe keeping.

You never know what you'll find hidden inside there!


Patti said...

I see the phone in there! No wonder it's always lost. The next time you empty a tissue box, let him keep the box. Maybe he'll like to put stuff in and out of it as much as pulling the tissues.

Virginia Collinwood said...

Oh, your fun is just beginning! :0). He is too cute. I love seeing (or hearing about) him doing the same things T does. It makes my heart smile to know you are laughing as much as I am.