Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Cake Says It All

We had a party for Caleb on his birthday (last Friday) at our house with all his friends. It went okay I guess. Well, everyone said so at least. I was too stressed for too long to unwind enough to enjoy the party. Or even remember it.

We borrowed our neighbor's bbq and had burgers and fruit salad and other such goodies. I tried to keep it relatively simple, since I really didn't need more stress, and didn't see a point to making food Caleb wouldn't/couldn't eat. So we ate, hung out, had cake, and opened some presents. We had a turtle bean bag toss game, that went over well with some of the bigger kids until it broke. Caleb really likes the bean bags though.

It was a turtle themed party since Caleb's our little turtle. I made his cake out of banana bread, since we're trying hard not to give him unnecessary sweets till he's at least two. I frosted it with banana baby food dyed green, then added some grapes to the shell. It didn't turn out spectacularly or anything, but he's one. He didn't really care.

In fact, he so didn't care that the only thing he ate was the grapes off the back of the turtle. Then he started signing all done. Oh well.


Patti said...

He didn't like getting his fingers messy in the green baby food. He was trying to stay as clean as possible, but it just couldn't be done. Love that boy. Nana washed his hands for him and it gave me an excuse to take him inside where it was less freezing!

Barbour said...

Love the cake Karen, really cute idea. I would have done something healthy had I known. I bet he would have eaten it if it was real cake:) Just be glad Doug wasn't there to give him some.

Fox Family said...

Cute turtles on your blog and nice job on the cake. Levi is looking at the blog with me and he said, "look, he's eating a turtle!"

AbbyDawn said...

How cute and creative Karen!! It's so funny that 1st birhtday parties are so stressful! Maddie's was, ack! Hopefully the 2nd will be better!