Sunday, March 9, 2008

Chex This Out

It is one of my mother's official duties to inform me of all world events that I need to know about. This includes when to change my clocks. Brandon thought we should hire someone to change all the clocks in our house, but that we'd have to pay them pretty well since we have so many clocks. (In actuality, we don't have enough clocks in our house, but I digress.)

Today at church, as sacrament meeting was coming to a close, there was a surprising amount of people coming in and looking for seats. We have a huge ward, so it probably didn't phase them at all that so many people were already there. We were sitting in the back and this one couple came and sat next to us, as the bishop was giving a few closing remarks. Then there was a song and a prayer, as is normal for both the beginning or the end of the meeting, so nothing really seemed that unusual until we all started to get up after the prayer. They looked so confused. We explained the whole daylight savings thing to them and they both thought it was utterly hilarious. The wife said that normally her mom reminds her of things like that. It's apparently a universal mom job. I'll have to remember to call Caleb after he's grown and moved out so that he doesn't show up an hour late to church wondering why the bishop is being so serious when the meeting just started.

Since church happens to be right when Caleb needs his morning nap, we bring lots of snacks to help him be good and sit still. Normally, we bring his food, which includes Cheerios. Today, I had Brandon fill a ziploc full of Rice Chex, since that's what I normally eat for breakfast and Caleb likes to help me eat them out of my bowl (and we already had Cheerios in the diaper bag). During sacrament meeting, I was giving Caleb the Rice Chex and he was eating them just fine. But then he decided that Mommy was hungry too and started to feed them to me. He's tried to feed me things before from time to time, but nothing like today. Today, he was grabbing fistfuls (a whopping three at a time) and trying to put them all in my mouth at the same time. Reach in the bag, feed them to Mommy, reach in the bag, feed them to Mommy. Which meant that I had to start feeding some to him too or he wouldn't get any.

Brandon was feeling a little left out. He kept asking Caleb if he could have some too. But Caleb would only give them to me. Finally, Caleb reached up for Brandon's mouth, Chex in hand. He started to feed it to Brandon, then changed his mind and pulled it back. Three times in a row, he did it. Finally, Caleb just ate it himself. Such a cute little bugger.

One more cute thing -- in Sunday School, Caleb was sitting on the floor playing with Faith and Naomi. I'm a big believer that after Caleb's been good for over an hour in sacrament meeting, that he deserves a little time to play. So they're all on the floor playing, and Naomi comes over to Caleb and gives him the hugest hug and kiss. Afterwards, Caleb said, "no no no" over and over again.

So, here's my theory. Well, multiple theories:

1. He doesn't like getting hugs and kisses from girls (other than his mommy, of course).

2. He LOVES getting hugs and kisses and was upset that she had stopped.

3. Really, he was just trying to say "Naomi" or, sometimes her parents call her "Nomers" so maybe he was going for that.


B'more Reads said...

It's a darn good thing they cancelled Church today because we didn't know it was time to change the clocks. My mother definitely didn't call me. We were so confused when around 11am (or so we thought) the clocks on the computer said it was 12. I guess parenting does take away some brain cells because it still took us at least 30 seconds to figure out the reason. Now I'm dreading bedtime tonight because it's not going to be dark. What to do...