Saturday, March 8, 2008

Who's Your Daddy?

Brandon is once again winning the never ending battle to be The Favorite. It breaks my heart, really. I mean, maybe if Caleb was consistent, I could get used to the idea, but no, I don't even know what I did to lose my status again. And if there had ever been a time for Brandon to be The Favorite, it would have been on the cruise, but that's when Mommy was top dog and had to do all the back breaking work of constantly holding our child. I guess I should be enjoying my break from all that heavy lifting, but I still miss my cute baby.

Four signs that Daddy is The Favorite:

4. If Brandon is in the living room with us but trying to get work done on his computer, all Caleb wants is Brandon's attention. Mommy will not suffice. Caleb proceeds to make the most annoying whining noises until Brandon gets extremely frustrated, and then Caleb cries. All while I'm trying to convince the baby that his mommy is more fun to play with. Which he never believes. Lately, I've been kicking Brandon out of the room, because only then will Caleb be content with "second best."

3. Whenever I have Caleb and Brandon comes near, Caleb reaches both arms out for Brandon to pick him up. Every time.

2. This morning, Brandon was getting ready to go out to work (to do pre-season sales) and Caleb crawled after him, following him throughout the whole house, while Mommy laid on the couch pretending to be awake, but really actually sleeping.

And the number one reason:

1. Caleb nows says "Daddy" whenever he sees Brandon. He doesn't even babble "ma ma" anymore.

Isn't he a cutie in his little belly shirt? We got it in Jamaica, size twelve months, but it's a little too small. Even though all of Caleb's other twelve months clothes are still a tad too big for him.

And for record keeping purposes, the top picture is from back in January and this bottom one from the end-ish of February.


Virginia Collinwood said...

Hehe. Trevor switches constantly too. Just be thankful you're not a single parent and your child wants nothing to do with you... then your heart would really break. I find peace knowing that if T-man hurts himself or gets scared he comes to me before Nate. ;0). Always. He goes to Nate when he is on the computer or doing something along those lines. I also get happy when I don't "have" to carry T at the store and whatnot.

I really hope to go this summer. Then maybe you will be T's favorite person. That would be fun.

Keep your fingers crossed that we go.


Brandon said...

Later in the day Caleb changed his mind who his favorite was. Back to mommy! Guess I'm not allowed to leave the house if I want to stay the favorite.