Sunday, September 2, 2007

Along the way

We finally made it to Utah! Hooray!! It's so wonderful to be back in our home. We got here around 11:30 or so last night. Caleb woke up as we pulled up into our driveway. I brought him into the house and he was so fascinated. He loved all the new sights to see. He especially loved seeing pictures of him and of us already up on our walls. I doubt he remembers having lived here before, but it's possible I suppose.

As for me, I am so very glad to be home again. It just feels so good. Not to mention our fabulous bed. Brandon said he woke up this morning (at seven, mind you, since the baby needed attention) and felt like he'd finally had a good night's rest. I woke up an hour later (as well as at seven, and at six, I don't think the baby woke up other than that, it's so hard to remember though) and felt happy -- not something I normally feel in the early morning. Usually I'm just beyond tired. It's amazing the power a bed can have on you. (No, that's not a picture of Caleb on the world's most comfortable bed -- that's him sleeping in his very own bed at the hotel in Colorado. He just looked so cute and little laying there all by himself.)

I think Caleb's glad to be home. He struggled with all the different ideas I came up with on how to feed him. The picture is him at the hotel, surrounded by towels so as not to get anything too dirty. That feeding went okay. It was all the car ones that he wasn't a fan of.

The only downside to being home is trying to rethink bedtime. Caleb was going to bed at eight each night in Houston. Like clock work. But Houston's central time and Utah's on mountain. I think we'd just let him go to bed at seven except that we're going to Hawaii for a week and it'd be 3 o'clock there when he decided he needed to be in bed. The poor little guy is so tired that now he can't sleep.