Friday, September 21, 2007

Messing the kid up more

We drove down to California last night. Caleb did exceptionally well on this trip. I was really worried about him going on such a long drive because after all the driving we did in Hawaii, he's grown to hate being in his carseat. He's entered that phase of arching his back and screaming when we put him in the car.

But he did so good on the way down here. He even fell asleep once it got dark out. It makes you wonder if we should quit our job and become truck drivers, just so our baby will go to bed at night.

Then, we get to my dad's house. Caleb wakes up once the car stops. He's so fascinated at being in a new place. And there's so much cool stuff to look at. Our room upstairs is beyond exciting for a baby. Lots of bright colors on the walls, tons of stuffed animals everywhere, and then this lamp that the baby just couldn't get enough of.

An hour later, I've got clean sheets on the bed. The baby's diapers been changed and he's now in his pajamas. He's been swaddled, fed, and even rocked. But he's still wide awake. Brandon and I are so exhausted that neither of us can possibly stay awake much longer. So we put Caleb in bed with us. He poked at my face for a while till I managed to roll just far enough away that he couldn't reach me anymore (hard to do on a full size bed with three people in it). I assume he went to sleep eventually because he didn't start crying for several hours.

Now he's been up for four hours already this morning without a nap (he used to go back to sleep after being awake for two hours). There's just too much to look at here...