Sunday, September 9, 2007

Day Three

Today we drove down to Kona for church. The best thing about church, for me, was the mother's lounge. While the LDS church is the same every where you go, the buildings are all different and the way they do the mother's lounge is even more bizarre. In Texas, the only spot to nurse a baby was the size of a closet. They had one small rocking chair in there and a bench type thing that was really just a polished piece of wood stuck to the wall. Try putting three nursing women in a closet with their squirmy babies. We don't fit so good.

But here in Hawaii, they had turned one of the rooms into the mother's lounge and had two rocking armchairs in there with lots of extra space. It was nice to have some breathing room while I fed Caleb. The only downside to it was that when a third lady came in to breastfeed her baby, there weren't any more chairs left. It was still nice for me though, since I was already in a chair.

Next to the church building is the Kona Hawaii temple. It's one of the new small ones dedicated back in 2000. We didn't look around much; I assume the gates were all locked, but we didn't actually try. They just usually are on Sundays. But we did take lots of pictures out front. My camera did something super funky though and half the pictures aren't there anymore. It's a digital camera and usually works so super good for me, but not today. We were starting to drive away when I noticed that the pictures weren't there, although ones that I took after the missing ones were. So Brandon had his parents turn the car around and we took some more. Good thing cuz look how cute our baby is!

The rest of the day has been pretty lazy. It's Brandon's birthday today so we had a delicious steak and potato dinner here at the timeshare. Now we're going to go play Canasta, which I love, and his parents love, but Brandon doesn't love so much. I guess the birthday boy doesn't always get his way. :)


Patti said...

Such a CUTE picture of Caleb today! Did you at least let the birthday boy win even if he didn't like the game?

Karen & Co. said...

No. Although the way his parents play the game lasts for days. So technically it's not even over yet and it's no longer Brandon's birthday.