Sunday, September 30, 2007

Canyon Drive

Today we went for a drive up the Provo Canyon. The leaves have already begun to change color, so it was really beautiful. Caleb fell asleep on the windy roads, so we drove around for a while in order to let him get a halfway decent nap. I was so antsy to get out of the car and take his picture though. Finally, we stopped and woke the baby up. Totally worth it. Yes, he's been cranky all day, but he was cranky the whole day, not just since we woke him up early to take his picture. And you've got to admit, they are such super cute pictures. I actually took over a hundred pictures, but that would take a really long time to upload. So instead, you just get a few.

Okay, this first picture is included simply because it proves that my baby actually has hair. I know he tends to look bald in pictures, but look -- he really does have hair (you might have to look closely). In fact, lately I've taken to spiking it up (not with gel or anything, just after a bath before it dries and then it stays that way for a really long time. Days even). It makes him look like he has hair.

Then you get a super cute picture of Caleb.

This next one I thought was really funny. About ten yards from where we were taking all our fall pictures was this patch of snow. My camera stopped working while we were attempting to begin our winter picture collection, so this is the best you get. I don't know what's wrong with my camera. Sometimes it says Error 2 and the picture I just took will say Corrupted Data (or file). It annoys the heck out of me. (But maybe that's good cuz who wants heck in them to start with?)

And lastly, just a pretty picture of the mountains. Happy Autumn everyone!


Fox Family said...

Karen! Adorable! You make me laugh and I am so glad you adore your son. He sure does make great facial expressions!

Patti said...

Great pictures Kake! I'm going to have to frame a couple of those. Maybe it's time to start a calendar for next year with this year's pix. You need to get a picture of Caleb in a good pumpkin patch in the next week or two.

kristymccray said...

i agree with your mom! i definitely want to see pictures of caleb in a pumpkin. :)