Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's About Time!!

Ever since we got back from California, our wireless internet (which we "borrow" from the condos behind us) hasn't been working. Apparently, everyone in the condos gets free cable and internet as part of their association dues, but if they don't pay their dues, the association pulls the plug on their free goodies. Which means our free goodies too. But, hallelujah, the people we normally piggyback off of have decided to start paying their dues again, which means that we have internet again.

Of course, this is after we signed an agreement yesterday to have fiber optic internet installed in our house. But I think it'll still be worth it for us to have our own, once that finally gets installed, since it'll make uploading all the cute pictures of our baby so much easier.

And, speaking of our cute baby, Laura asked how I get such cute pictures of him (for those who don't read the comments, I figured I'd post the answer here instead). Usually, I see a location that I love and tell Brandon to put the baby there. Our baby doesn't move much (except to fall over), so he's pretty cooperative. Then I tell Brandon to make the baby smile. Several clicks later, I usually end up with at least one picture that I like. But that also means, I have a TON of pics that I don't like or post because the baby isn't always being cute. And sometimes I get two pictures that are so similar I have to stare at them both a really long time before I pick which one I like the best. Occasionally, I do tweak the pictures a little bit in iPhoto, but not very often since I'm not all that computer savvy.

Anyway, great to be back up and running. I had a dream the other night that I was trying to hack into someone's computer (which means that I might have also broken into their house, but I don't remember that part) because I was so desperate to get back on blogger. I got caught, but the people just logged in for me. I guess they understood the addiction.

Here's a photo from our drive back to Utah from California. Caleb was a great sport about it all. We're still hit and miss on sleeping through the night from our Hawaii trip. Although, last night was a total hit -- from 9 pm till 8 am. Cross your fingers tonight goes as well.