Saturday, September 1, 2007

Tengo sed

The drive from Houston, Texas to Grand Junction, Colorado seemed to last forever. Actually, perhaps a smidgen less than forever because the drive from Utah to Houston felt a million times longer. Perhaps the drive down there was longer was because we only stopped to sleep for about an hour and a half. This time we stopped to sleep for like two and half, almost three hours. It totally makes a difference.

Around noon, Brandon and I were getting hungry. We decided to stop and get something to eat at the next fast food place. Over four hours later, we pulled into Subway in Gunnison, Colorado. As usual, Caleb absolutely wanted our food. He kept trying to pull Brandon's water bottle out of his hands. Brandon was going to give Caleb some, but has a little bit of a cold and decided he shouldn't share.

Instead, I got Caleb a cup of his own and filled it with a little bit of water. He eagerly took it from Brandon and chugged it down (or took a baby sip -- it all depends on whose mouth you measure by). At last, his very first taste of something that Mommy and Daddy actually eat/drink. He was so excited. After one little taste, he made the above face, much to our delight.

It only took a couple seconds before he eagerly reached out for more. Although, he did make that sour face again after his next drink too. When you look at the face he made eating the rose (posted below), maybe I was wrong thinking he didn't like the flower. In his defense, the Subway water was extremely cold. So not only was it his first drink of water, it was also his first try at something cold.

A couple more weeks and maybe we'll finally expand his culinary experiences to include something more tasty than what he's been getting. I'm thinking maybe carrots. Not that I like carrots myself, but I do really like orange. That should make them mighty fun to feed to the baby.