Monday, September 10, 2007

Day Four

Today we went on a helicopter ride to see the Kohala Coast. It's "the most spectacular scenery on the Big Island" according to the brochure. There are these deep, green valleys will really long waterfalls. The waterfalls are not that big, but they're really long. It was all quite beautiful.

Caleb had to wear his own little life jacket and headset. Before we got on the helicopter, he didn't think they were too bad. Just something new to play with. Once we were on the helicopter, the vibrations lulled him to sleep. But then, after a while, he woke up and was so upset. He wouldn't stop crying and we couldn't really cuddle him since we all had headsets on too. Oh well. Maybe he'll like it better next time.

Here are some photos taken from my window in the helicopter.


Patti said...

Caleb is being swallowed up by all that gear! You took some fabulous pictures. That's something I've never done...the helicopter ride. Did you think it was worth the $$?

Brandon said...

Only if you are sitting in the front seat so you don't feel like puking