Saturday, September 22, 2007

Chad and Leah's Wedding

Brandon's brother Chad got married today. I was their "official photographer." I took 251 pictures. Well, that's not true. Brandon took some of those. But I still took over 200. Digital cameras are seriously the best invention in the world. Can you imagine paying to get all those developed if they were on film?

Even though it was Chad and Leah's wedding, I'm just going to post pictures of Caleb for now. Because, well, he's my baby and I think he's cute. And there are 251 pictures to sort through to find something decent of everyone else that was there. Plus, I don't think any of Brandon's family check our blog. So you get Caleb. I'll try and post some other pictures later, but considering I still haven't finished posting pictures of our Hawaii trip (though I'm getting close to having all the best ones on here), it might take me a while.

Anyway, for those that don't know, the above photo is of Caleb (obviously) with his cousin Trevor. Trevor turned one in June, so that makes him...15 months? I think these two boys are just so cute -- and they look so much alike. It's because they both take after their daddies. (Trevor's dad is Brandon's brother, Nathan, for those of you who truly care to know.)

The next one here is of Caleb. He's being held by his cousin Mark. Caleb is the 17th grandkid on Brandon's side. Mark might be the second.

Here's my cute turtle baby. (Notice the turtle fountain in the background.)

And lastly, not a super cute picture of Caleb, but he can get away with that. I thought it was a good picture of me and Virginia though. And after the huge outpouring of support the last time I posted a picture of me (well, Brandon and Jill), I thought I'd try another.


Laura said...

I've been very impressed with your photo composition. How often are you planning out your shots (i.e. your turtle with the turtle, those cute luau by the water's edge pictures, etc.) and how often is your child just in a cute place already? I think you're doing a great, great job. Not only is Caleb a really good looking kid, but the pictures as a whole are excellent. My pictures of Agnes are really cute simply because she is cute, but I'm still working on that natural looking composition that you seem to have mastered! Oh, can you send me any cute cousin pictures (our side of the family, not Brandon's) that you took in California? And a family picture of you and Brandon and Caleb? Thank you. By the way, now that you are a world traveler, don't you think you should head out to Baltimore? How about Halloween? Agnes is going to be a spider. What will Caleb be? They can go Trick-or-treating together. It will be fun. What do you say??? (Can you tell I miss you?) Sorry this long comment has turned into a letter. But since only our side of the family reads this anyway, I'm guessing it's okay. You are pretty, by the way.

Laura said...

One more thing. Did you get any pictures of Caleb with either Dad or Danny? Could you share those too?

Patti said...

Good "letter" Laura. Is it true that only our side reads the blogs? Agnes will be such a cute spider. Hmm, last year a ladybug. This year a spider. Is this a theme? For Halloween, Caleb is going to be...what else??? A turtle! Karen showed me the costume yesterday. It had just come in the mail. I got to babysit yesterday. It was tough for Kake, and a piece of cake for Caleb. K&B managed to stay away for over an hour and a half! Good job! Caleb and I had a blast together. He's got the kissiest cheeeks!
Kake, where's that one picture that I said you looked so pretty? You should have posted that one too. Oh, maybe that one will show up in the Hawaii pics as perhaps it's in with that group (I think). I love all my kids!!!

Karen & Co. said...

Actually, lots more people read this blog, but they're no more related to Brandon than they are to me.

Family by choice rather than blood.