Sunday, September 9, 2007

Day Two

We went to this sales pitch, "let us help you plan your vacation" type thing in the morning. It's at 8 in the morning. One lady introduces different people who then get up and give their speal on why you should spend your money on their company. We're staying at a timeshare about an hour north of Kona, on the big island. So basically, all the other people in this meeting are old people. At 8 in the morning. And these sales people are talking so fast that I can barely understand a word that they are saying. I was trying so hard to listen too, but it was just too hard for my brain to process information that quickly that early (although I'd been up since 5:30 that morning). I couldn't help but wonder, "If I can't comprehend a single thing these people are saying, how are the old people supposed to understand anything?" Brandon thought that the old people just responded to the enthusiasm and didn't really care what they were spending their money on.

Caleb's sleep schedule is so out of whack. He doesn't know when he's supposed to be sleeping and when he's supposed to be awake. And honestly, I have no idea any more either. He took a three hour morning nap. Normally he only naps for three hours total in a day. But then he also took a half hour nap later and then a two hour evening nap before finally wanting to go to bed for the night. Or maybe I just wanted to go to bed for the night that he didn't have much of a choice.


Nora's world said...

Happy Birthday Brandon!

Patti said...

Taco Tongue!! Way to go Caleb! Sorry I didn't call Brandon on his real birthday this year. I was too wrapped up in the dinner I was trying to make for relatives. Good thing I already told him before y'all went to Paradise Island, although, Kona isn't exactly paradise. Have you been to Hilo yet? Watch out for the turtles.