Sunday, September 16, 2007

Caleb's First Concert

To celebrate our return home, Caleb's nana took him (and us) to his very first concert. We went and saw Colors perform at the Sandy amphitheater. They've been out of circuit for the last several years and got back together for their one night reunion tour. I'm not sure if they'll be performing more in the future or not, but it sure was fun to get to go see them again last night.

Caleb really enjoyed the concert. We were sitting up on the grass on a blanket, so he had plenty of room to be wherever he wanted to be. He loved looking at all the people sitting around us. And once the concert started, he thought it was absolutely fascinating: all the different lights and such, not to mention the musicians themselves.

There were a lot of other babies there. We could hear them all crying throughout the night. Caleb, however, had his fill of fun and then promptly fell asleep in Brandon's lap. I swear it's like having your own personal sandman at times. Then Brandon put the baby down in his carseat (where he miraculously stayed asleep) and we were able to enjoy the rest of the concert without him. A rare treat, that is.

We all had a really great time. Thanks again Mom for taking us!


Patti said...

You're welcome. We really had a great time, didn't we? Occasionally I would think to myself, "I'm almost 50 and I'm bouncing around to the music like I'm 18", but it was more fun to bounce than to act my age. Caleb was an angel all night. We should have taped the concert so you could play it back to Caleb later. Then he'd know what his first concert actually was. Somehow I don't think he'll remember much of it.

Brandon said...

I really wish we had recorded the concert so we could have played it for him the last few sleepless nights. It really seemed to knock him out.