Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Food News

Peas or no peas, our baby refuses to sleep. Last night was the same as the one before. We put him to bed, half an hour later he's up and screaming. The rest of the night follows the same pattern. And that was after a day without peas.

Today, Caleb got to eat the peas. I actually went out and bought him new peas (and some carrots too), but got the stage one kind since the ones we had before were stage two and I thought maybe it'd make a difference. He did great with the stage one peas today. He still seems to prefer his rice cereal, so I just alternated between the two and he ate really good.

I think everything I know about parenting I learned from watching my brother with Nora or from watching Jocelyn with LT and Teak. Sadly, I guess I didn't get to see this sleep terror stage, because I have no idea what to do. Tonight's the third night in a row now that the baby just won't sleep and he won't stop crying. Brandon and I are both going out of our minds.

In other food related news, my mom used to make me this super delicious cake for my birthday. It was a chocolate cake with vanilla pudding and fresh strawberries in the middle and then whipped cream for frosting. Well, I tried to make it today, but with a few differences since I was really craving chocolate. I might have gone a little overboard on the chocolate actually. But I think I must have gone wrong somewhere else too, because, as you can see, my cake looks disastrous. Still tastes good though. And I'm going to be needing a chocolate overdose if (and hopefully when) we finally get our baby to sleep.


Fox Family said...

Nice job on the cake, Karen! MOst of my food looks like that too. Oh well! I hope it satisfied your craving. Sorry about no sleep for you... Uggh!!!

Mr. Jo Bloggity said...

Sounds like your boy is still on Hawaii time. Just keep trying to get him back on his normal schedule.

Brandon said...

I am not a chocolate lover but that was some very therapeutically delicious desert!