Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hawaii Luau pictures

My child is driving me nuts. It's crazy the way you want a baby so bad, and then once you get one, life is just a nightmare at times. Brandon's been really great today in taking the baby as much as possible so that I can get a break -- or at least as close to a break as is possible with a baby that is still breastfed all the time.

But I've complained a lot lately about the insanity our child is putting us through. So I'll let you have a break too and instead show you these cute pictures of when my child was happy and pleasant. (Can you believe that was only a week ago?)

We went to a luau while we were in Hawaii. Caleb absolutely loved it. He thought it was all just so fascinating. He loved watching the hula dancers. Perhaps even more than he likes watching tv. The last dance was a fire dance and Caleb just thought it was spectacular. He only got scared one time all night, and that was because Brandon yelled really loud while holding the baby. Caleb started to cry and the guy sitting next to Brandon was so apologetic, thinking he had yelled too loud and scared the baby. But it was Brandon -- we think. Other than that, Caleb did great. He even took a nap for a little while despite all the noise.

Brandon's parents bought us all matching outfits, which made for really cute family portraits. I didn't like the way the shirts fit, so I got a skirt instead. And Caleb just looked so cute in his little Hawaiian outfit, that I had to take a million pictures of him. The top picture I took while we were waiting in line (actually all these were taken then) and so everyone in line was watching Caleb sitting there. They were all smiling at him, so he decided he'd smile back. Behind me, I hear this huge collective "ah" as he smiles. People just love this kid.


Brandon said...

It's about time we started seeing more pictures of Caleb's mommy on here. After all she is the source of all his cuteness. I fully support many more pictures of baby and mom.

Patti said...

I was IMing with Kim this morning and he saw the picture of Caleb from the Colors concert (I use it for my display picture). He commented on how cute Caleb was and said that Cheryl also said Caleb was "dang cute." Seems to be the popular opinion!

Jill said...

Very cute pictures. I want to go to Hawaii!!
I'm also glad to see a pic of Mommy. I think it's the first one I've seen on this site!!

Karen & Co. said...

I think it's like the fourth picture of me. But you have to go all the way back to July to find the others. If any one really needs reminding of what I look like, check out the fourth of July, as well as the birthday posts. I'm in there somewhere.