Friday, August 31, 2007

Farewell Forever

As alluded to in the post below (you might really have to read between the lines to see it though), we've left Texas. For good. I don't think we'll ever step foot there again. Unless we're flying somewhere that has a layover in a Texas airport. But we might even try to avoid that.

Not that Texas wasn't good to us. We're just so glad to be done there. As we were driving away, with our car overflowing with our stuff, I felt a momentary twitch of sadness that we were leaving our home of the past four months and would never live there again. That didn't even last a block before I was so excited to be going. Although, it wasn't till we hit Colorado that the weight of the summer seemed to finally lift.

I think the best part about going to Texas this summer was that I got to see my friend Jaymie again, who I hadn't seen in several years and had kind of lost touch with. (I'm not very good at keeping in touch with people, as is evident by the fact that you have to read my blog to know what's going on in my life.) Granted, we still didn't see that much of each other, but hopefully we'll stay in better touch now. That's who Caleb's smiling for in the above picture. She and her husband came over Wednesday night and Caleb was giving her some of his very best smiles. Normally he only smiles like that for me and Brandon.

As far as the rose thing goes, I really like taking pictures of my baby. The crazier the better. Brandon bought me roses the other day (I have no idea what day it was, we've been in the car for so long that I really have no sense of time left anymore). The one that Caleb's holding was broken, so I thought it'd be fun to give to the baby. He did pretty good at just holding it and not crushing it to death or eating it. Although, of course, he had to taste it at least once....I think once was enough for him. If anyone else has been wondering whether roses taste good or not, Caleb's not really the most reliable source. He tends to make that face every time he tries something new. So I'm sure if I gave him rose petals ten times (at least, that's the number the "books" say), then he'd probably like them.