Friday, August 10, 2007

Baby Whisperer

My husband is genius good at getting our baby to sleep. For those who tune in regularly, you know that lately Caleb and I have struggled with the whole nap issue. But Brandon, is amazing. He can always get Caleb to take a nap. Sometimes he'll come back in the room and announce that the baby is asleep in his crib and I'm just shocked.

He says it's like his job. You've got to push past the first several no's until you make the sale. I'm just too soft. If the baby doesn't want to sleep, I let him be awake. If he wakes back up ten minutes after I put him down, I don't know what else to do than just assume nap time is over. Brandon, on the other hand, can put Caleb down for a nap, without feeding him first, and the baby will stay asleep for an hour. It's so wonderful.

Today, I fed Caleb and he fell asleep, which I was expecting. I took him off and just let him sleep in my lap on his boppy for a little while, since earlier today he woke up from his nap just a couple minutes after I tried putting him down. Well, sleeping on the boppy wasn't that much better. He maybe slept for twenty minutes before he woke up again, crying. So I changed his position and was just holding him in my arms, his blanket no longer wrapped around him while I finished up what I was doing on the laptop.

Within five minutes or so, Caleb was asleep again, reclining against my chest. Well, more like hanging off my arm. It was so uncomfortable but I was nervous to move even an inch for fear that he might wake up again, since he really needed a nap. After twenty minutes, I shifted him ever so slightly so that I no longer felt like my arm was going to break. Then we sat there on the couch together, him asleep against my chest, me on the computer but so very uncomfortable. Our couch is not meant to be sat on in one position for so long. Finally, after he had been asleep for an hour, I couldn't take it any longer. I had to move. So I carefully slid off the couch and set the baby down on the spot where I had been sitting. He slept there for like another twenty minutes while I laid beside him on the floor.

He's so precious when he sleeps. I just wish I had Brandon's magic touch. Oh well, I guess it's just one more reason to be grateful for my husband.


Patti said...

I absolutely LOVE this picture of Caleb! What a precious angel! The whole thing of not being "allowed" to put babies to sleep in their crib on their stomach is the whole problem with why they don't stay asleep anymore! I'd put you kids down on your tummies and you'd be out for a couple hours. Now it's child endangerment!