Friday, August 24, 2007

Party Time

Our office had a competition with the Detroit office to see who could sell the most in seven days. Not total, but per day. And whoever won the most days, got a prize -- these super duper headphones and $100. As you can see by Caleb's wonderful modeling job, we won.

The other guys in the office were all really excited about the competition. I guess they are supposed to be really good headphones. They're Skullcandy Ti. Whatever that means. Brandon and I were excited about the extra $100. But the headphones...we're still undecided. From what the other guys were saying, you can use them to listen to your ipod while skiing. Yeah, we have an ipod. But no, we don't ski. Or snowboard. Or anything else involving being freezing cold, wet and falling down a lot.

For a second, Brandon considered reselling them on ebay, but then decided to keep them. Don't know if we'll ever use them, but at least they look cool or something. Oh, and they have fur on them to help keep you nice and warm. And cool looking.

In other party news, our neighbors threw a huge shindig last night. I think they're Indian, but am not sure since I've never actually talked to them, just seen them in passing. They weren't noisy or anything, but this was the sight Brandon saw when he came home from work last night. So obviously, it was quite the bash.


Mr Jo Bloggity said...

You Cali kids are weird. Snowboarding and skiing are great.

Karen & Co. said...

John--does that mean you're finally admitting you're not from Cali?

Laura said...

Nick has those headphones and loves them. Until the one ear stopped working.

Patti said...

took me a minute to figure out those were shoes I was looking at and not birds or rats or something (it was before I read the blog). Caleb's looks have changed in the last little bit. He's getting much older looking! Definitely different than his 3 month pictures. BTW, John Lyle, I lived in Cali for 44 years and learned to ski after moving to Utah, so you can't make blanket statements. Can hardly wait to try out my new ski boots!