Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Sit-Ups

Now that Caleb has so effectively mastered the art of rolling over (or at least now that he's done it two days in a row), we've moved on to teaching him how to sit up by himself. Okay, not so much teaching -- although I do demonstrate by sitting up myself -- but at least propping him up several times and watching to see how long he can last before he falls over. He's getting pretty good at it. (The sitting up part, that is. Okay, he's pretty good at the falling over part too.)

After yesterday's great sitting experience, Caleb did not disappoint today. He's catching on really quickly to the idea. Although, after a while he gets bored and flops over. But that's pretty fun to watch too.

Today, during sacrament meeting, I was talking with another new mom as we sat in the closet (yes, that's as big as the mother's lounge is here) feeding our babies. Her baby is a month older than Caleb. She's been crawling for about two weeks now and figured out the rolling over thing by the time she was three months old. Caleb's definitely not up to par with her. However, the mom said that her baby is totally not cuddly and hates to be held, which is probably the reason she's learned to move around on her own so quickly. That made me feel better about my baby's progression in life. He's such a cuddly baby who would rather be held then left on his own to explore the world. He definitely prefers playing with his toys while sitting in my lap rather than while laying on his back or stomach. Although his favorite is when we play with him and keep him entertained. I'd definitely take the cuddly baby or the mobile one any day.

Before I had Caleb, my two goals for him were that he wasn't going to watch tv and he wasn't going to eat sugar (i.e. candy, ice cream, any sort of junk food really) until he turned two. Hopefully yesterday's post doesn't break that second rule, cuz the first one was shot long ago. Caleb loves watching tv, although I've never turned it on for him to watch. Now that we no longer have cable, his tv watching has been dramatically reduced. But perhaps even better than watching tv is watching Daddy play the Wii. (Sometimes he gets to watch Mommy play too, but this particular picture was just Daddy playing.) I just love how chill he is sometimes.


Patti said...

just chillin' and snacking on toe jam!

Patti said...

So much fun today to catch up on the blogs of the last few days. Even more fun to know I get to see y'all in another week!

Mr Jo Bloggity said...

Man, he's growing up so much.

Very cute boy though.